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Video Animation

  • Vector Animation

    Our team creates videos using vector images, this allows for cleaner, smoother animations. Images display with sharp edges and no pixilation.
  • Photo Animation

    Animation created by using photographs to create an animated image. Photo animation is commonly used in commercialize product, services, or special events.
  • Sound Effects

    We will add high-quality music and sound effects to your animation. The use of music is often one of the most important components to any media production.
  • Special Effects

    Special effects usually consists of adding elements such as fire, water, wind and explosions. Enhance the look and feel of your video using special effects.
  • Publishing

    We encode and format our videos to work with social media; Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram. Maintain quality and presentation without exceeding limits.
  • Knowledge and Experience

    Our skilled creative artists understand what works for marketing your business, designing video productions that are effective and visually attractive.

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